We are honored to host the International Conference on Industrial Packaging. We look forward to welcoming you to Ghent, which in the Middle Ages was the 2nd largest city of Europe, after Paris. Today, this beautiful City has been renovated, with respect for the past, and it is now an exciting, vibrant and modern city. Ghent is one of Belgium’s hidden gems, being for a long time in the shadow of it sister city to the North, Bruges.

In addition to Ghent there are many beautiful places and historical cities to visit in Belgium (Brugge, Antwerp, Brussels, Leuven…). Ghent is also very well located as an unforgettable stop as you plan your travel around Europe before or after the conference. It is less than 3h travelling by car or train to Paris, London, Amsterdam, Cologne, Luxembourg…

We are organizing a fabulous conference at the Marriott Hotel, which is just steps away from the banks of the famous “Korenlei” (the river “Leie”). As you leave the hotel, you are literally entering one of the most remarkable medieval cities in the world. It is splendid day and night and contains numerous superb restaurants and museums.

The conference theme, “Industrial Packaging and the Circular Economy”, ensures that attendees will have an opportunity to hear from speakers, who understand the important contributions our industry makes to the global economy and the creation of a more sustainable world.

The conference will be a joint organization, with help from several supporting regional and global associations, representing the global industrial packaging industry. Speakers will inform attendees about key issues facing both manufacturers and reconditioners of industrial packaging.

The planning committee will offer a superb business program that will include a wide range of topics of interest to everyone. Speakers will discuss business tendencies, technical, regulatory and environmental issues related to our industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss these matters with colleagues from over 25 nations.

The conference will also feature exhibits by industry suppliers and special programs for accompanying persons in Ghent and the surrounding areas.

We are particularly excited to inform you that our evening events will take place in spectacular, unique historical locations in walking distance from the Hotel.

The second circular will include more program details and additional information about social activities as well as information about pre- and post-conference tour options.

We look forward to your valued participation in this international conference.
Do not miss this exceptional event.

Let’s meet in Ghent in 2023!

Philippe Verstraete
Conference Chairman - On behalf of the Conference Organization Committee

Conference registration opens at 8h on Wednesday September 27th.

The welcome reception will be held on Wednesday evening.

Conference sessions are planned on Thursday and Friday starting at 8h30, our exhibitors will be present on Thursday and Friday at breakfast and throughout the business sessions.

Travel and tourism assistance will be available at our service desk.

A wonderful series of business and social programs will be available for the attendees and accompanying persons. The idea of the conference and the program is to bring together friends and colleagues from the global packaging industry in a cozy and relaxed setting. The conference will provide unique opportunities for everyone to share information and to learn from each other.

Beside that it will provide plenty of opportunities for food lovers and to discover the Belgian beer!
We hope this circular encourages you to participate in this wonderful event, so we meet in Ghent!



September 26th

Optional Plant tours (to be confirmed)

Optional dinner

September 27th

Morning: International Associations Board Meetings

Afternoon: European Associations Annual meetings

Welcome reception
Walking dinner

September 28th

Conference sessions: 8h30 – 16h30, buffet lunch

Suppliers exhibitions: 7h30 – 17h

Boat tour
Morris Hershon Award Dinner

September 29th

Conference sessions: 8h30 – 13h, buffet lunch

Suppliers exhibitions: 7h30 – 15h

Optional dinner

September 30th

Optional tour in Bruges


Why choose Ghent for a trip?

Vibrant Ghent is well worth a trip. It is ideal for a city trip as well. Quirky Ghent offers a fascinating cultural cocktail brimming with trendy, modern urban life. Ghent is a city where people enjoy life: a chilled-out place where anything goes and a city that feels human. Its friendly, welcoming people love the good life. Don’t miss the chance to admire the world-famous masterpiece—the Mystic Lamb by the Van Eyck brothers—during your trip.

So much Ghent: discover it yourself

‘The historic heart of Flanders’, ‘a city of all ages’, ‘Mediaeval Manhattan’ and ‘Europe’s best-kept secret’: the nicknames Ghent has collected over the years are as colourful as the city itself. Walk through the centre of Ghent and you will immediately see why it has won so many tourism prizes and earned so much international acclaim. Nowhere else can you flit so quickly from the 14th to the 21st century and back again, without feeling out-of-place for a minute.

The real Ghent

Looking for a trip that is just that little bit different? Do you like to explore off the beaten track? Ghent will suit you down to the ground. National Geographic Traveler Magazine calls Ghent the most authentic historic city in the world, and it is buzzing with life 24 hours a day. After all, Ghent comes to life all over again when the sun goes down.